Thursday, January 15, 2015

My reviews of Oscar nominees

I don't care much about Oscars. To me they are kind of like Eurovision song contests. Contestants make art for competition and art that is successful in competition is generally not something I like to watch or hear. This doesn't mean Oscar nominees could not be good movies or Eurovision song contestants is are all bad. It is just that I don't care much about that kind of art.

This year's Oscar nominees were announced earlier today. I have reviewed four of nominees:

The Salt of the Earth
Guardians of the Galaxy
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

None of them was in major categories. I will probably see rest of the movies in visual effect category in future.

Some Oscar baits haven't come to Finland yet. Oscar baits usually come here after nominations have been announced. That way they can be marketed as Oscar nominees. I will make video of The Imitation Game when it comes to Finland. Alan Turing is such a interesting character that I have to make a video even if  I don't like the movie. I have to hear more about Birdman and The Theory of Everything before I decide if I watch them on theater, wait for them to come available for streaming or skip them

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