Friday, January 9, 2015

Shorts: Sherlock (2010-2014)

I have written and made videos of Doctor Who. Now it is time for another top British tv show. Sherlock is reimagination of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is private detective with no social skills. Doctor Watson is war veteran who works with Sherlock. Together they solve mysteries around London and help police from time to time.

Show lives from two main characters and supporting cast. Benedict Cumberbatch creates brilliant but unsocial version of Sherlock Holmes. Martin Freeman's John Watson is common man who roots Sherlock into real world and ask questions audience might have.

Mrs. Hudson is landlord who cares more about Sherlock and Watson than making money from her rooms. She is thank full for Sherlock because he helped her in past. Sherlock's brother Mycroft Holmes is ever brighter than Sherlock but little less anti-social.  Mycroft holds undefined position in British secret service. He helps and ask help from Sherlock. Molly Hooper is pathologist who is in love with Sherlock. She tries to express her love but Sherlock doesn't get the hints.

If I have to nit pick I would say sometimes it feels like heroes get away with anything because they are heroes. That is minor flaw in show which has great acting and great stories. Other minus is that seasons contains only three one and half hour episodes and there is only three seasons. Fourth season will be aired during 2016. Cumberbatch and Freeman are busy with their film careers and Steven Moffat with Doctor Who. But I still would like to get more Sherlock.

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