Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Aeon Flux (2005)

Aeon Flux is science fiction gem that is not consider as science fiction gem because it is Aeon Flux movie. This is not because of Aeon Flux charater but because movie is called Aeon Flux and only things it has from original are names and some visuals. Original Aeon Flux was strange animated series on MTV. If you liked the character you hate this movie because this has so little to do with animated series. If you didn't like the animated series you didn't see this because this was Aeon Flux movie.

I really don't understand why this was Aeon Flux movie. Story felt like it wasn't originally Aeon Flux story. Then someone made it Aeon Flux story by changing the names. Animated series wasn't popular enough to draw masses to movies. All this is shame because the story was good science fiction story. I mean in mainstream way.

Movie's biggest problem is that it is Aeon Flux, it is not just from marketing point of view. Everything Aeon Flux doesn't work. Animated series had weird style. What worked there doesn't work as live action. Most of Aeon Flux stuff is in beginning. After movie is done with that it turns into good science fiction movie.

Movie happens in last human city Bregna. Over 400 years ago deadly virus killed over 99% of human population. Bregna is ruled by scientist Trevor Goodchild. Humans are disappearing and everyone is not happy with Goodchild's reign. Underground rebel group the Monicans fight against Goodchild. Citizens are having strange dreams of past lives and sometimes they get sad for no reason what so ever.

Aeon Flux is assassin of Monicans. Police mistakes her sister for her and kills her. Later Aeon Flux gets mission she has been waiting for. She is sent to kill Trevor Goodchild. Everything goes well until she meets Trevor. Trevor remember her with different name and she remembers something. This is where the movie really start to get interesting. You just have to endure everything until this point.

After that we learn how human race has survived for over 400 years and political power struggle of government. I won't go spoiling. Movie gets really interesting after it doesn't try to be Aeon Flux movie. It goes to Aeon Flux mode for final battle and shows how different Aeon Flux mode is from story mode. I wish this story was done as serious science fiction movie with minimal violence and fighting scenes. Story had potential to be science fiction classic in right hands.

Over all the movie leave positive taste. You just have to endure first half hour or something until it gets good. I had forgotten how good the story is. I am glad I check the movie again. Animated series is worth checking too. It might be too obscure for some and it is quite different from this movie on every aspect.

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