Monday, February 2, 2015

Continuum: Third Season

Spoiler free review of third season of Continuum. If video is not showing check it here.

 Last week I reviewed second season of Continuum and week before that I reviewed first season of Continuum.

Third season of Continuum is best season so far. Main reason being that they dropped possibility of Kiera to ever getting back to her time. This almost made season worst since story started to get confusing because of that. But it never went too confusing. It is good thing next season is last and only six episodes long. They can't make the story too confusing during that time. At least I hope it.

I don't know how much it shows but this was first video shot after two weeks of doing nothing. I got injured and could barely walk, sit or sleep during that time. I am getting better at the moment but blew all my backlog during that my injury. I can't postpone things anymore. I thought of postponing Wednesday's video but made it anyway. It will come as scheduled.

I don't know when I can do review of fourth season of Continuum. It hasn't come out yet and I won't be among first ones to see it. I don't know when it will happen but I will do review of it.

If you liked the video you can find more videos from here.

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