Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Galaxy Quest (1999)

If video is not showing check it here.

I promised links to my Dreamworks animation parody reviews. I have review Megamind and Monsters Vs. Aliens earlier. I wonder how Dreamworks can make really good parody like Galaxy Quest and then forget what made Galaxy Quest good when they make animation parodies. If you want to nitpick they are two different companies but both operate under name Dreamworks.

If you want to know why I didn't like J.J. Abrams "Star Trek" you can read couple post about them here and here.

I forgot to mention in video that Galaxy Quest is my favorite science fiction parody. It is better than that other better known science fiction parody. I will do video of that movie in future. Galaxy Quest is based on Star Trek and Star Trek fans. It respects and understands subject so well that Star Trek actors and fans like the movie.

If you ever wondered what my "set" looks like in real life, this video gives best picture of it. It doesn't have any color grading. Well some might count saturation and color temperature color grading but there is nothing beyond that. Except white balance. I tried new lighting and it worked so well that I didn't want to change too much. Galaxy Quest doesn't have that much red but I wanted to keep red in video. I think I will continue to use this lighting in future.

I am not sure if I start to end videos with "never give up, never surrender". It sounds look and is reference to movie I like a lot. But it is also bad advice to give. There are times when you should give up and change your focus to other things. Otherwise you could end up doing something totally pointless and waste your time. But still, it sounds really cool.

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