Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I am changing my video release schedule to once a week

Reason for this is, I want to keep making videos fun thing. With more than one video a week started to feel like work. I was more ambitious when I started. Now I have learned sustainable schedule and I will keep it. Making less videos leaves me with more time. I try to get back to longer reviews I had before I started to make videos. Posting schedule on this blog will remain as Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On Mondays there will be new video, either 5 Minutes with Kvesti or Kvesti on Movies. I will continue making Kvesti on Movies videos. I haven't decided how often I will make Kvesti on Movies videos. I probably won't have regular schedule with them. 5 Minutes with Kvesti videos of new movies will be published on Monday after the world premiere if that is possible. That leaves regular schedule with Kvesti on Movies videos impossible.

I try to have movie reviews on Wednesday and Friday. Trailer reviews will be additional posts. Some Wednesdays and Fridays I might have something else due time constraints but on regular weeks there should be new reviews on both days. This week will probably not be regular week since I have to make announcement video for this. Tomorrow will be review. On Friday there might be something else. This is current plan and it could change if it feels too much.

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