Monday, February 9, 2015

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Spoiler free review of Jupiter Ascending (2015). If video is not showing check it here.

I reviewed trailer earlier. I told I expected total disaster but I promised to give it a change. It wasn't as good as Cloud Atlas but it wasn't total disaster. Jupiter Ascending was bad and it get bad reviews but it is not all bad. If you are into science fiction worlds you will get some entertainment from Jupiter Ascending.

Jupiter Ascending has interesting promise and world has good ideas like Matrix had. Whole thing is ruined by putting too much CGI action and everything like Matrix sequels did. There is too much action. Action scene are too long and there are too many close calls. Before half way point you realize nothing will kill our heroes and after that it feels like action scenes are distracting us from seeing something interesting.

Story telling is not much better. Movie expects us to know things we were never told and then forget some things we just saw because movie forget them. Hidden beneath all this is interesting world with many good ideas. I don't think you should full ticket price for this. But it is worth seeing at some point. It was made by talented people. Problem is that there is too much stuff in it and nobody told the Wachowskies they should tone somethings down and cut other out.

I tried couple new things with this video. Camera angle is bit different than before. Now camera is higher looking down. I don't know if you see it if you didn't know. Another change is more visible. I started to use commenting subtitles few times. This is not first time I use them in videos. This was first time I knew I will use them when I shot the video. Other time it was case of correcting what I was saying. While editing Galaxy Quest video I got idea to start using them more. To make them  regular part of my videos.

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  1. I loved Jupiter Ascending and hope to encourage its makers.