Friday, February 13, 2015

Sharkando 2: The Second One (2014)

I really don't know what I should think about Syfy. With money they put to making movies they could do really good science fiction movies like The Machine. But they keep on making bad b-level scifi movies. To be honest more people have seen Sharknado 2 than The Machine and Syfy wants to have as big audience as possible for their movies. I guess it is the World's fault. I would be hypocrite if I wouldn't say I like some of their movies like first Sharknado.

Sharkando was perfect storm. Name got people to watch to movie and movie worked. It caused lot of hype in social media and second movie was announces soon after first was aired. Sharknado is stupid movie and you can't call it good movie by any means. But it is really entertaining. Things don't make much sense and acting is bad. But the movie works. It is masterpiece of its genre.

Second movie tries to repeat formula. This time we are in New York. This movie lost me at start. I knew this would be stupid movie like first one was but airplane scene was just too much. First one barely stayed right side of the line. This one repeats things from first movie and turns everything to eleven. This means movie goes over the line too many times.

On Sharknado characters developed during the movie and story stayed together. Sharknado 2 has scenes that happen to have same characters. Each scene could have had different actors and we woudn't have missed anything. This is not about characters. This is about Sharknado. Movie tries to have drama between characters but it doesn't work.  Maybe I should say script tried to have drama but movie forgot the drama.

Sharknado 2 is same thing as Sharknado with exception that it didn't work. I didn't knew celebrity cameo. Some times I felt I should have known cameos in order to enjoy the movie. But it wasn't the reason I didn't like the movie. Movie is all over the place and too much over the top. If you have to see something like this I suggest first movie, Ghost storm or End of the World. Each of those have the madness but the story is interesting and movies don't go too much over the top even though they go close to it.

Third Sharknado is confirmed for this year. I hope they put more effort into story on that one.

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