Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spider-Man is coming back to Marvel... ...kind of, sort of... ... but not really

It was announced last night that Sony and Marvel will start to collaborate with Spider-Man's movie character. There were rumors of something like this happening but now it was confirmed. I wish they waited one more week before announcement. I have Amazing Spider-Man 2 video coming next Monday and this announcement week later would have got my video cheap hits. But you can't always win.

 Speculations have run wild ever since The Amazing Spider-Man 2 flopped and Sony had to rethink their plans. I did my part last summer. Before the announcement we knew Spider-Man was about to be rebooted once more. Andrew Garfield's time in role was to be only for two movies. Before second movie plans were for much more. All spin-offs were at hold and Sony was not sure what they should do with Spider-Man and Spider-Man universe.

I haven't got much from announcement from news I have read. What I have understood Spider-Man will still be with Sony but Marvel will get some creative control and Spider-Man can be part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Next time we see Spider-Man will be on Marvel movie. Which means Marvel can define this version of Spider-Man. Then he will be on Sony's Spider-Man movie. How much creative control Marvel and Sony have is open.

This will probably mean that Spider-Man will be in Captain America: Civil War. Avengers: Age of Ultron comes too early but brief end credit scene might be possible. Maybe even more than possible. It would be such a big thing for fans that Sony and Marvel will be tempted to do that.

What happens to planned spin-offs is still totally open. As I told earlier I have Amazing Spider-Man 2 video coming next Monday and I will say something about this in it.

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