Monday, February 23, 2015

The Imitation Game (2014)

If video is not shown correctly, you can watch it here.

I don't usually review dramas or Oscar baits. Now I have seen five of this year's nominated movies. Other four are not what you could call Oscar baits. I don't remember last time I watched Oscar bait. I usually stay away from them. The Imitation Game was biopic of Alan Turing and Alan Turing was the reason I saw the movie. You could say how they broke the Enigma code was science fiction at the time. But I admit I reviewed a drama. You have to wait some time before that happens next time. Next Monday I will review something totally different.

The Imitation Game was a good movie. My video review may make it look worse than it actually is. It is easier to point out what was wrong than what was good. My biggest issue was that it left out much what I thought was important. Then it took few dramatic licenses. I guess that is always expected and you don't see it if you don't know the subject. I told enough of bad things in video.

I really liked the humor in beginning. It felt almost like comedy but it didn't feel forced and it felt correct for the characters. It was what good writing and acting looks like. It is quite rare in movies I usually review. Alan Turing's story provides ingredients for dark movie. This movie went there with Enigma team but only hinted what could have been on aspects. They even ended the movie with happy note with Enigma team celebrating the end of the war. Alan Turing's own end was only mentioned in text during team's celebration.

I kind of wish they left everything that happened after the war to sequel, This movie was mostly about breaking the Enigma code. There was very little of what happened after the war which was as interesting. That would have changed the tone of the movie but it was important for Alan Turing's story.

There is a reason why I saw The Imitation Game only now. We usually get all Oscar baits around this time of the year. Theaters want to maximize Oscar potential. So we have almost every movie that got more nominations running on theaters at the moment.

Video mentions Jupiter Ascending and Interstellar. I saw both movies in nearly empty theaters. It was strange feeling to be in sold out theater and not in optimal seat. I bought tickets to this on Friday morning and I had to take what was available, Original plan was to review this later but I think right after Oscars is best time I could do it.

The Imitation Game won Oscar for best adapted screenplay. It was well written. I am not sure about adaptation but that might be because I would have selected other parts of the story.

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