Monday, March 16, 2015

Arrow - second season (2013-2014)

If video is not shown correctly, you can watch it here. Video is spoiler free.

I promised Kvesti on Movies video for this week but I could not deliver. Second season of Arrow became available for streaming and I got hooked. I just had to watch every episode as soon as possible. Kvesti on Movies videos require more work than 5 Minutes with Kvesti videos. This time I only had time for 5 Minutes with Kvesti video after binge watching Arrow.

I reviewed first season here. I think I complained too much this time. Second season was better than first season. It still has some flaws. Third season didn't look promising at the end. First two season have had almost every drama they could add to series. What ever they do it will make Arrow look more like soap opera. Second season almost went too far to soap opera territory.

I forgot to mention Summer Glau in video. She was as hot as usual until she put on her fighting gear on. That looked plain ugly. Luckily we didn't see that too much. It is always nice to see Summer Glau.

I hope The Flash comes available for streaming soon. I don't watch tv. Streaming is only way for me to see it. Barry Allen was interesting character during few episodes of this season. I have heard The Flash is better since it is not as dark as Arrow.

This time I used heavier color grading than usually. I might go to that route in future. I have done color grading for almost every video. I haven't gone this heavy before. I liked how this turned out to be. During shooting this video I learned where I should put my iPad to easily check the script. I still learn new things.

I try to make Kvesti on Movies video for next week. I have four movies planned. It is just that something else always comes up and I have to postpone videos. I try to make couple Kvesti on Movies during Easter. Then it is not depending if I have time to make those videos.

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