Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kick-Ass (2010)

As I promised in my Kingsman: The Secret Service post, Kick-Ass. Kingsman made me want to see this again. I had forgotten how good movie Kick-Ass actually was. It would have been better with only Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. Kingsman showed what that could have been. Matthew Vaughn is becoming my favorite director. X-Men: First Class was also good. I have not seen anything else from him.

Kick-Ass tells about teenage comic nerd who decides to become superhero Kick-Ass. He doesn't have any skills but after first fight he gets injured so badly he doesn't feel pain. He does what he can without powers or skills. When he help one guy in fight against three other guys, he became famous. Everyone thinks he is only superhero. But he is not only one.

Big Daddy and Hit-Girl are Batman and Robin like duo with exception that they have no problem killing criminals. Unlike Kick-Ass they are real deal. Criminals think Kick.Ass is killing them and they want him dead.

Kick-Ass starts slowly with Kick-Ass trying to became superhero and teen drama of his civil persona. Things start to work better when Big Daddy and Hit-Girl appear. Kick-Ass build up is also done at that point. Before that there was only Kick-Ass who didn't know what he was doing. He didn't know what he was doing after that either but there were also Big Daddy and Hit-Girl who knew what they were doing.

Movie is well written. It doesn't fall into normal pitfalls of teen drama. Even minor character get their moments. For example mafia boss' henchmen are so incompetent they accidentally kill people they interrogate and one brings bazooka into skyscraper and attempts to use it there. Some action scenes are so over the top they feel funny instead of violent. There is something funny watching eleven year girl killing though men.

Kick-Ass shows what superheroes would be like in real life. Big Daddy and Hit-Girl are unrealistic but Kick-Ass is realistic. He almost dies in every fight he gets involved in. Real life superheroes wouldn't have long careers.

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