Monday, April 27, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

If video is not shown correctly, you can watch it here.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is most anticipated movie of 2015. I don't know what this Star Wars everyone is talking about is. First Avengers movie made a lot of money and after that everyone wanted shared universe. Age of Ultron shows can Marvel keep good thing going on.

I have to say they can keep it going on but the movie shows some pitfalls of shared universe. First movie told one story and concentrated on that. This one tries to set up several movie and follow story arcs of previous movies. You can watch it as individual movie but it is on the limit if there are too many links to other movies.

My video review may be too negative. I liked the movie. There is too much in it. Age of Ultron requires to be watched many times to get all of it. First movie was great first time you saw it.

All of my videos have new music this April. I might keep making new music for these videos but I make no promises. I don't want to explain why I used older music in my videos if I can't come up with new music that week. Now you have hear all my current hardware synths in these videos.

This was more experimental video. I tried couple new things in it. I like to do more experimental videos. Reason why it stopped it earlier was rendering times. I have changed my computer since and new computer seems to handle heavy effects better.

I promised link to Ex Machine review. You can find it here.

Was that staring at the wall reference to Daredevil? I like to think it was.

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