Monday, April 20, 2015

Ex Machina (2015)

If video is not shown correctly, you can watch it here.

Ex Machina was the movie I expected to be the best movie of this year. It didn't disappoint. It was just as good as I expected. I don't know what it tells about me that my favorite new science fiction movies have very small casts. Solaris has most of the movie four people, Moon has one man and robot. Ex Machina has four if you include robots. There are other good new science fiction movies with larger casts. These come first to mind when I think about good new science fiction movies. Now I can add Ex Machina to that list.

I could easily do another video about Ex Machina with spoilers. I want to keep these first reviews spoiler free. I might do spoiler video in future. I promised something like that with Interstellar but I have not done that yet. I don't know if I do that. At least now there is no place for it in the schedule.

I mentioned The Machine in video. Both movies have similar themes and stories. One thing I could do in near future is to make spoiler video about both of the movies. Next Wednesday I will see another AI movie but I think it will be quite different.

I made new background music for Daredevil video because I felt I had good idea. I knew for a long time I will background music for this video. I wanted to have something that felt synthetic and robotic. When I made sounds for this they didn't sound what I wanted so I took some presets and tweaked them little. When I saw the movie and heard the soundtrack I thought of making similar music. But I ended up trying to do what was my original vision. It is not what I visioned but it will have to do.

I will do new music more often now that I have my studio set up like I want it. I don't know how often there will be new music but there won't be same music in every video any more.

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