Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ice Solders (2013)

I was going to start this review saying how realistic Ice Solders are but then I started to wonder is there any place in Canada that has stayed frozen for 50 years. I am not sure. I live in Finland and we don't have even thought we live as north. They are in Canada because there is police and villages. Realistic concept was that genetically modified humans could freeze for 50 years. Now that I think more of it everything around that makes no sense.

During Cuban missile crisis group of Soviet supersolders  try to get to New York their plane crashes in Canada. Canadian troops find them. Supersolders manage to break free and destroy Canadian troop's base. They escape to wilderness only to be frozen for 50 years. Then this happens and then that happens and that is worst part of the movie along with the dialog. Things just happen.

After few minutes you will realize what kind of movie this is and after that there are no surprises. Things just happen. Character can't do anything because they seem to follow reprogrammed patterns. They are incapable of any sort of lying. Even when they are negotiating they tell straight to others' face that they have so good position in the negotiations that others have accept the terms because they have no leverage. There were no negotiations. All dialog was similar. People just said what their position was in conversation. That is efficient but that doesn't make dialog interesting.

Characters were barely written. Main character Malraux was son of supersolder and he wanted to find supersolders. No other real reason than him being on of supersolder's son was never given. Nothing showed why he wanted to find them even when he found supersolders. He was killing them when they found they were alive. Like he wanted to find them to be sure that they were dead. There was scientific reason given but that didn't explain why he was so eager to find them. Him being son of supersolder was so "subtly hinted" that I don't consider it as spoiler even thought that was the twist of the movie.

Premise provided many elements for interesting movie but nothing was used. Supersolders were just killing machines who continued their mission after they were unfrozen like nothing had happened. Their mission was to kill and destroy everything and go to next place to do it again.

Ice Solders had potential but none of that potential realized in final product. Bad writing was main issue. It is hard to say anything about actors because dialog was so bad that even good actors couldn't have made it work.

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