Monday, April 13, 2015

Marvel's Daredevil (2015)

If video is not shown correctly, you can watch it here.

Daredevil was almost all that I wanted it to be. It was bit different that I expected but that was only a good thing. It is best superhero tv show at the moment if you can call Netflix originals tv shows. I have not seen The Flash but I have hard time believing it is better than this. I have heard it is better than Arrow but there is long way from Arrow to Daredevil.

I didn't expect Daredevil to be as dark and realistic as it ended up to be. There were few moments I really didn't expect to see in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kingpin was most different than I expected. I don't know if it was because he is not yet Kingpin. Maybe he is next season what I remember Kingpin to be.

Another really dark video. This time I almost went too far. This time I only used daylight on cloudy day. That was almost too dark. I think I need to start using lights again. That gives me more lighting options. I planned to use them this time but I liked the light I got using only day light.

This time I used music made for this video. I have ZebraHZ which came with Dark Knight Rises sounds. It is Hans Zimmer version of Zebra 2. I thought it would be cool to make music with it to Daredevil video since Batman and Daredevil are quite similar characters. Music ended up to be really experimental. I am trying to make more new background music. So you can expect to hear more weird music in future.

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