Friday, April 3, 2015

Ultraviolet (2006)

I told in my Equilibrium review that it is not fair to compare Ultraviolet to Equilibrium. Reason is that studio took Ultraviolet from hands of Kurt Wimmer and made own version of the movie. What was two hour movie turned out to be one and half hour movie. Studio wanted movie to be more action oriented and less emotional.

This meant that movie feels like unconnected series of action scenes.This was done for movie where action scenes were the worst part and emotional scenes were the best part. I honestly don't know if I want to see two hour version of Ultraviolet. One and half hour version with less action scenes and more emotional scenes would be nice.

Action scenes of Equilibrium were mild compared to action scenes of Ultraviolet. Fighting style is almost the same. Opponents come around our hero and hero kills them easily, She just stands in middle of them and kill them. This time hero moves little more than in Equilibrium. I know this is done for visuals but it feels stupid when every fight goes same way. Opponents surround our hero and then she kills them easily.

Equilibrium was grey movie. Ultraviolet has much more colors. It has all the colors. At beginning it felt like there was too much color and filters but eyes get used to the style and by the end it didn't felt like too much.

Kurt Wimmer has unique style. It is shame that he hasn't made any movies since Ultraviolet. I think he should try smaller drama movie. Action scenes were worst parts of Equilibrium and Ultraviolet. Dramatic and emotional parts worked better. Stories had interesting elements. Only problem was hero being unstoppable one person killing machine. Ultraviolet would have been better if it ended couple moments before final fight. There were couple perfect ending points if movie wanted to have different kind of ending. Choosing one of them and adding more emotional scenes into movie and Ultraviolet might have been science fiction classic. Final battle ruins the movie. Everything interesting was told before it. It just changes the tone.

I am already here without telling what movie was about. Movie was so badly edited that it felt like series of disconnected action scenes. Important story elements were left out to make movie more action oriented. In the end story is not that important. At the current state Ultraviolet is more about visual and emotion than the story. You probably get more out of it if you don't try to make sense of everything. Just enjoy the moments and scenes.

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