Thursday, May 21, 2015

Agent Carter (2015)

Agent Carter is part of ever growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. I enjoyed it until the end which reminded what is wrong with Marvel Cinematic Universe at the moment. Everything is connected to everything else and you can't be sure if build up was for next season or some other movie or series. Marvel and DC has same problem with comics. If you start to follow comic you will soon learn you need to follow many other comics to get the whole story. This is one reason why I don't follow any comics. Now Marvel is bringing this to movies and series.

Agent Carter don't have as much of continuity pressure because it happens different time than rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Agent Carter is spin-off of first Captain America movie. It tells what happened to Peggy Carter after second world war. Howard Stark is recurring character. There are few other characters from first Captain America.

Year is 1946. During second world war women got to important jobs but now when war is over they are pushed back to kitchen and being secretaries. Feminist agenda of Max Mad Fury Road has been in discussion but Agent Carter has much more feminist agenda. Series has three classes of people. Strong males are first class citizens while women and crippled men are second class. Third class is those who have lost everything after the war. Series makes second class citizens the heroes but first class citizens are not as one dimensional as they seem at first. There is much more social commentary than I expected.

Peggy works for Strategic Scientific Reserve which is 1940's version of S.H.I.E.L.D. Howard Stark is accused for selling weapons for enemies. He goes underground. He asks Peggy to clear his name and find his stolen inventions. Peggy and Stark's butler Jarvis investigate on their own while SSR is looking for Howard Stark.

I had my doubts with Agent Carter but I was positively surprised. Series was well written. It had interesting story with several twists I didn't see coming. My major issue was code breaker mentioning Alan Turing when he shouldn't have known Turing's work with Enigma code. That was kept secret at the time. British didn't want anyone to know their code breaking abilities.This being my major issue tells how much I liked Agent Carter.

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