Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I, Frankenstein (2014)

I, Frankenstein goes into same category as Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter. It takes old well known character and changes the story totally. Abraham Lincoln as Vampire Hunter was so outrageous idea that it could have worked. Too bad the movie was too serious. Frankenstein's Monster as demon hunter is not as outrageous but it makes as little sense.

I, Frankenstein feels too much like Underworld. Underworld is my guilty pleasure but this doesn't work same way. I, Frankenstein is based on graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux. Same guy was behind Underworld. Rumors tell there were plans for I, Frankenstein and Underworld crossover. Because I, Frankenstein got quite negative response there are no plans for sequel or anything at the moment.

Frankenstein's Monster gets into middle of fight between demons and gargoyles. Gargoyles being angels but called gargoyles for some reason. Demons and gargoyles have fought their hidden war for ages. Did I tell you this feels like Underworld? Demons want Monster because they want to learn to reanimate dead bodies.

Story begins where original Frankenstein's story ends. In this version Monster is immortal superhuman. He goes hiding after first encounter with demons and gargoyles. When demons find him he gets back to hunt demons. This happens during modern times. He gets back in middle of hidden war. He doesn't choose sides but is closer to Angel's side even thought he can't trust them either. Did I tell you this feels much like Underworld?

I. Frankenstein has two big problems. Things don't make any sense and there are no interesting characters. Monster can take anything and other characters are what story requires them to be at the time. On next scene they could be something else because story requires it. No-one has any personality.

When I watched I, Frankenstein I thought it was part of Universal Monsters shared movie universe. Movie felt like it was made to introduce character for later movies without thinking too much about this movie and it brought old character to modern day. It tells what kind of movie this is. Movie is not part of Universal Monsters shared movie universe but I could easily see this being Frankenstein movie of the shared universe. What I have hard time to see is how anyone could want more of this.

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