Monday, May 11, 2015

Man Bites Dog (1992)

If video is not shown correctly, you can watch it here. Unlike my videos normally this one contains some mild spoilers.

Man Bites Dog was one of those movies you remember to be great but you don't remember much more to me. Like most of those movies Man Bites Dog was not so great after I saw it again. Back in 1990's it was big thing because it was something we usually don't see. It was very violent art movie. It being from Belgium helped it get past censorship in Finland. Back then many movies were cut. Nowadays we have got past that.

Man Bites Dog is done by film students with shoe string budget. Only the guy who acted the serial killer got career in movies. For others this is almost only movie in their cv. Which is kind of strange when you think about critical praise and awards Man Bites Dog got.

This time I read the script aloud before shooting the video. It helped reducing shooting time to half of regular and reduced number of cuts I had to do. I will do this with future videos too.

I used different vignette effect this time than last video. I am not sure which is better. This time I used it more subtly like effect is meant to be used.  Out of focus effect is from camera. I guess there was too little light for autofocus. Usually autofocus is spot on all the time. It is the reason I like the camera so much.

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