Thursday, May 28, 2015

Push (2009)

Push is science fiction movie about people with extra ordinary abilities. I would not call it superhero movie because there are no superheroes, just people with superpowers. I can see what they are trying to do but story is not on level of everything else.

Movie tries to be mix between Asian and western movies. It has visuals, locations and sad mood from Asian movies. Movie happens in Hong Kong where American agency called Division is looking for stolen briefcase. Story involves several superpowered individuals who want to find briefcase before Division. Addition to this local mafia with their own superpowered persons are after girl who should have the briefcase.

Watchers are people who can see the future via their drawings. Story is moved forward by watchers and attempts to hide from watchers. Heroes have one watcher who takes heroes to where they need to be. Mafia has own watcher from which heroes want to hide. This dynamic let writing to be lazy. Movie doesn't give any other reasons why characters do what they do than watchers drawings. This makes things confusing when motivation is something else than watchers drawings.

Lazy writing includes huge plot holes. Superpowered individuals have power classes familiar from superhero comics and role-playing games. Classes are what story needed at least in one point. If story need someone to have special power at any point there is class for it. Bleeders might be additional class because movie needed other physical combat class than  pushers. Others were there because the power was needed at one point.

I liked visuals and mood. Some scenes are great. Story has interesting elements and it doesn't explain everything. It left enough open. Some power classes were used like they should to drive the story. Biggest problem of the writing was writer didn't ask enough from himself why would characters do this and why and how this would work.

Push teased with sequels. Movie introduced the world and characters. Bigger picture is on background and movie ends when bigger story seems to start. Bad response movie got meant no sequels. Even though Push teased with sequel where heroes go against Division it is hard to see how it could have worked if they kept dynamics of first movie.

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