Monday, May 25, 2015

Tomorrowland - A World Beyond (2015)

If video is not shown correctly, you can watch it here. Review contains mild spoilers.

I call the movie Tomorrowland - A World Beyond because it known as that in Finland. It is known as Tomorrowland in some other places. If you google for Tomorrowland you find music festival with same name. I guess subtitle is there because of the festival rather than plans of making this first movie of series of movies. Many questions were left unanswered but ending didn't hint any sequels.

I don't understand what Disney's marketing department is thinking about. Tomorrowland - A World Beyond was marketed by Brad Birds Oscar's rather than him being director of The Iron Giant and The Incredibles. Tomorrowland is in many ways live action version of animated movie. It has nothing to do with Oscar baits.

I almost skipped this until I remembered who Brad Bird is. I guess many people didn't remember or know. Theater was almost empty on premiere night. This is kids movie and I was in late screening which could explain it. I was entertained for whole movie. It is not great movie but worth checking because of the positive message.

This is another quite experimental video and another with vignetting. I have few videos where light dies during shooting. This time I had same problem with daylight. That is why beginning looks different than ending. I think I got it looking reasonable similar. It required few tricks but I think result is ok.

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