Saturday, June 13, 2015

First thoughts of Jurassic World (2015)

I saw Jurassic World last night. Video review is coming on Monday. It might have more spoilers than my normal videos and I might try couple new things in it. I had rough day at work and used all my aggression in gym. I was bit tired at cinema and had my guard down. I feel my opinion changes more I think about the movie. Monday's video might have totally different opinion than I have now. Because of all that I wanted to write short serious spoiler free review.

Jurassic World is lot like slasher movies. If you go there expecting to see dinosaurs killing people and expect nothing else you probably enjoy the movie. You just have to endure about 20 minutes before two best characters appear and some time more before real action starts.

Jurassic World tries to give everyone something. It knows what we have learned about dinosaurs since Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs didn't look like they look in Jurassic movies or any other dinosaur movies. This movie plainly says it. There is intelligent subplot with scientists and evil corporation which I wanted to see more of.

But Jurassic World is adventure movie with dinosaurs for kids. It is full of cliches and as predictable as slashers. Dinosaur effects are good. The Dinosaur is scary. When it is on screen you feel characters are in real danger. You need to see Jurassic World in theater. Dinosaur effects don't work as well in small screen and movie loses it main selling point.

Because I was tired and I let my guard down I enjoyed when action really started. But to be honest this is full of cliches and things stolen from other movies. It is full of plot holes and so on. If you want action, dinosaurs killing people and expect nothing else you can enjoy Jurassic World.

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