Thursday, June 11, 2015

Retrograde (2004)

Another one and half hour movie. Sometimes these low budget scifi movies work and sometimes they don't. When they work it is usually because they try something different which is not possible in big budget movies. When they don't work movie usually don't have any own ideas. It is just low budget version of what we have seen in bigger budget movies.

Retrograde has interesting premise but it turns boring quite soon. Plague is killing human race in two hundred years in future. Plague was first discovered by one expedition ship in Antarctic in our time. Future humans send their spaceship to our time to stop the expedition ship. Part of the crew decided it is better to take plague rather that destroy it. I don't know what was their plan to use it. Once released it will eventually kill human race and they know it because they come from future where this has happened.

Dolph Lundgren manages to escape bad guys. He is saved by expedition who also finds meteorites with plague. Dolph tries to destroy the plague which is infecting the expedition.

Premise in interesting. I assume idea was taken from someone else and then made into this mess. Writing is the biggest problem. There are no interesting characters. If characters have any character traits they are unrealistic stereotypes doing stereotypical things which doesn't make any sense. I lost interest after first ten minutes because of couple characters.

Movie has couple interesting twists. Twists are interesting when they come but later make no sense. When you see the ending the whole premise and the big twist at middle doesn't make any sense. This makes me think someone messed with original story and changed it for worse.

Whole action angle with spaceship's crew turning evil was unnecessary for the story. It was there to make this action movie. Movie would have worked better without it. Horror movie with plague and Dolph from the future would have been more interesting. With better writing it could have been a good movie.

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