Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Comic-Con Trailer [HD]

I guess I have to give my opinion too because this seems to be hottest thing at the moment. Suicide Squad trailer would be even hotter if it was released online too. Warner knows it is more interesting and don't release it yet to give this more visibility.

Batman v Superman is next entry on Warner/DC flagship superhero movie series. Next movies are already on production and more is on pipeline. First movie Man of Steel was disaster. Some DC fanboys and fangirls liked it but others had different opinions. I would be waiting Batman v Superman more if there wasn't Man of Steel which lost my trust to the director and writers.

Batman v Superman seem to take elements from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and Injustice: Gods Among Us comics. I am currently reading Injustice. There will be review of it later. I was surprised to see elements of Injustice here. It has Superman which is quite different from regular Superman. If they are taking elements of Injustice Superman here, will they take elements of Injustice Justice League to movie series' Justice League too? That would be exciting but it would also alienate many fans of the comics.

I didn't like religious imagery. It went way too far. Man of Steel hit us in the head with Superman being Jesus. This makes Superman god and angel and what ever. I am pretty sure I will hate movie's message. Zack Snyder's style seem to go too far in some shots. Movie tries to be realistic but some shots look too much like fantasy paintings.

Trailer didn't make me want to see Batman v Superman. It could work but I would not count on it. Suicide Squad trailer was shown to Comic Con audience last weekend. It seems to gain much more hype than Batman v Superman trailer.

UPDATE: Suicide Squad trailer was released after this post was written and scheduled. I will write similar post about it.

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