Thursday, July 16, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Vol 1 & 2

This post is about comics. Not the game. Comic has no reason to be any good. It is prequel to fighting game. All it needed to do was explain backstory of a fighting game and fighting games don't put too much effort into backstories. Game mechanics are more important for success of the game.

I don't know the reason why they put so much effort into this but this is one of the best Superman stories I have ever read. If you have read this blog long enough you know I don't like normal Superman stories where he is boy scout. My favorite Superman story is first 12 issues of Irredeemable. It doesn't feature Superman. Main character is Superman like superhero who loses his mind. Injustice and Irredeemable have many things in common. If Injustice keeps same quality it will become my favorite Superman story.

Superman loses his mind after Joker makes him kill Lois Lane and explode nuclear bomb in Metropolis. Superman kills Joker and start to force peace upon mankind. He gets help form members of Justice League. Sometimes things get out of hand and innocent get killed for standing against Superman. Members of Justice League start to have doubts if they are doing the right thing.

Batman leaves Justice League because he doesn't like what Justice League is doing. He collects his own group opposing actions of Justice League. Because this is prequel to fighting game there needs to be reason why normal people can fight against god-like superheroes. The reason makes story little bit worse than it would be with out it but it is the reason we have this story first place.

I like stories outside normal continuities. These stories can do things normal continuity stories can't. Superman can't get back to regular Superman after what he does in this story. In Injustice Superman has good intentions but he goes too far. It ask philosophical questions how far you can go making world safer place and how much you are ready to sacrifice for safety. It also shows reactions what happens when powerful force their way upon the weaker even though powerful may have good intentions.

Second volume ends in turning point. Story may continue as good or it may turn into being worse or better. I will review third and fourth volumes later.

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