Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie (1995)

I had to see what Ivan Ooze looked after seeing couple Apocalypse/Ivan Ooze memes. I haven't see X-Men: Apocalypse trailer. Only pictures of Apocalypse and in those he looks little bit like Ivan Ooze. I checked where Ivan Ooze has appeared. He was main villain of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie. Because movie was available I had to check it.

I am not too familiar with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tv series. I have seen few episodes. I have tried to binge watch it but it has turned out to be harder than I can manage. Power Rangers take footage from Japanese series Super Sentai. Power Rangers added footage of American teens. Mix it into 20 bits with some sort of good message and kids liked the mess they were given.

American shot footage was most painful part of tv series. Acting was bad and stories felt forced. Power Ranger parts were enjoyable because they were so crazy. Movie drops good message. It is insanity from start to end. This makes movie enjoyable. It doesn't try to make any sense and part of the fun is how stupid everything is.

Tv series had Rita and Lord Zedd as main villains. In movie they open Ivan Ooze's egg and let Ivan Ooze to do his thing. Later Ivan Ooze captures Rita and Zedd and they are out of the movie. Ivan Ooze's first target is Zordon who helped capture him in past. Ooze's leaves Zordon dying. He don't kill Zordon. This takes away Power Rangers' powers. Somehow they still have power to go to another planet to find new powers.

Ivan Ooze and Apocalypse have couple things in common. Skin colors are similar and both are ancient evils. This is where similarities end. Ivan Ooze is evil for being evil's sake and he want to rule the rule the world like all one dimensional evil characters. Apocalypse is more complicated. He thinks strong should survive and weak should perish. Apocalypse makes mutants stronger and then makes them to fight others to see who deserves to survive.

You don't want to see this kind of character to be compared to Power Rangers villain like Ivan Ooze. Probably moving pictures and sound stop these memes. Everyone started to like new Joker after they saw him on video.

No one expected Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie to be high art. It is just 90 minutes of same insanity tv series provided without painfully forced good message. CGI looks awful today. Toy effects of tv series had more charm. Movie is good way to check what Power Rangers was all about. It it more entertaining than watching four or five episodes of tv series. Fans may disagree but if you don't know anything about Power Rangers you should check the movie first.

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