Monday, July 6, 2015

Minions (2015)

If video is not shown, you can watch it here.

Minions review is bit shorter. If it is still too long and you want shorter review. Here it is. If you liked Despicable Me movies. You probably like Minions. It doesn't feel Despicable Me with different villain. It is Minions' movie.

I have done written and video reviews of new movies lately. One being first thoughts and one more thoughtful after I have had more time to process the movie. Minions is not a movie which I can do the same. More analytical review require spoiling the jokes and that is almost everything Minions have to offer. Which in other hand means there is very little to analyze.

I watched Minions in theater because I was curious to see what they came up with. Movie could have been terrible but ended up being ok, I wouldn't say it is good. More about that in video.

If you liked the video you can find more videos from here.

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