Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Jacket (2005)

I watched The Jacket without knowing anything about the movie. If I didn't watched it to write post about it I would have stopped after few minutes. Movie starts quite confusing. I am glad I watched it because it turned out to be forgotten gem.

The Jacket start to work during first jump to future. Until that point movie is confusing mess. During first fifteen minutes there is only one important thing. Most of it could have been cut away. Jack Starks is war veteran who was shot into head. Now he has memory problems. He is put to mental hospital after he is found next to dead cop without remembering what has happened.

Doctors try experimental treatment on Jack which makes him jump 15 years into future. Jumps to future start the real story. Anything before them is premise. Goal was keep audience confused what was real and what was not. Until time jumps it made movie confusing series of scenes. After time jumps only confusing thing is if jumps are real or just in Jack's head and that is not too confusing.

I don't want to go deeper into the story. Movie is based on solving the mystery and less you know about it better movie works. All is clear in the end. There are couple questions because of potential plot holes. I think couple things should have gone differently but it may be because I missed something and it wasn't what it looked at first place. Some plot holes are easier to explain, some need more work. It depends on how much credit you want to give to movie how big you see the plot holes.

To be honest I realized plot holes after I started to plan this post. Because of those plot holes The Jacket is not masterpiece. It is not well known because it doesn't have big action scenes and it requires thinking. Nowadays big cgi action makes money and good intelligent movies like this fell into obscurity.

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