Monday, July 20, 2015

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

If video is not shown, you can watch it here.

I wanted to do Ant-Man review this week but it is released later this week. I had another video planned last week. It is postponed even further because I want to see Ant-Man before doing it. Maybe Fantastic Four too. So I had to think something else for this week. When I saw new promotional photos for X-Men Apocalypse I realized I have not seen X-Men: Days of Future Past yet.

I am glad I waited this long because I could experience it as Rogue Cut which was released last week. Release was probably timed with release of promotional photos. 17 minutes of new footage makes movie better but some of the footage should have been left out. When I watched theatrical cut I saw problems of Rogue Cut. Somethings make more sense in theatrical cut and some in Rogue Cut.

I don't think Rogue subplot was needed. It changes the ending little bit but all important beats are still the same. What happens in between is changed a little. I can understand why Rogue was cut away from theatrical cut. It only added time and little action.

I checked more X-Men: Apocalypse photos while rendering the video and realized they are continuing rebooted version even thought Days of Future Past brought original cast back. This means we get new Storm and Jean and so on. And Apocalypse looks like Ivan Ooze. More about that next Thursday.

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