Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fantastic Four (2005)

I always liked the sequel better. I remembered almost nothing from this. Only bad version of Doom and bad battle between Doom and Fantastic Four. On my list this is the worst Fantastic Four movie. Roger Corman movie was fun. 2015 movie had good ideas even though it was big mess. This doesn't have anything. It tries to do things comics had but it doesn't succeed. What works in comics don't always work in movie.

Maybe it tries too hard to be like comics. Johnny Storm makes fun of Ben Grimm  all the time. He does that in comics too but on movie it makes him look too much like jerk. Characters except Doom are like from comics. It is good thing except that there is no character development outside getting superpowers. Johnny and Sue Storm don't change at all if you don't count superpowers.

Reed Richards' character development is he finally find courage to marry Sue Storm. Ben Grimm has more character development. After becoming Thing he wants to get back to normal. When he finds out he is more useful as Thing he wants to be Thing.

Doom gets most character development. This would be good thing if movie didn't reinvent him. This time he is successful business man who loses his business after incident and becomes metallic man with superpowers. His character arc felt too convenient. His business started to go bad right after incident. Everyone wanted to get rid of him even though he was successful business man moments before.

Nothing happens to characters and almost nothing happens at all. Story just goes from one scene to next and then there is short battle between Doom and Fantastic Four. Battle follows comics' style by being short. Fantastic Four just uses their powers together and that stops Doom. There is no learning to work as a team story. They just know how to use their powers together.

Fantastic Four (2005) was made to keep rights for characters. They didn't have story to tell and they didn't know what they wanted. Whole movie ends up being one big mess. Ben Grimm is tragic character but all that is lost when Johnny Storm makes fun of him. Movie tries to have romance between Reed and Sue but teases three times with naked invisible Jessica Alba.

Movie movie was successful but it was more because of people wanting to see Fantastic Four or superhero movie rather than quality of the movie. It is forgettable but because it made money it got sequel. Rise of The Silver Surfer review is coming next Thursday. Yes. I bought it and yes I paid money for it. Not much though.

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