Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fantastic Four (2015) is not that bad

There will be review with spoilers on Monday. This is more of spoiler free general discussion than review. Movie is surrounded by negativity. Fox is blaming director Josh Trank and Trank is blaming Fox. Reviewers seem to be competing who can make worst review. Rotten Tomatoes give movie 10%. IMDB gives 4/10 which is quite accurate.

Movie is not as bad as most reviewers say it is. I liked movie until last 15 minutes. Inside sources say Josh Trank had nothing to do with those 15 minutes. If you want to take sided on who ruined the movie this tells which side might be better choice. I am not saying Josh Trank is completely blame free but his part of movie works better than studio's part without him.

Movie has had negative publicity since the start. Audience wanted Stan Lee-Jack Kirby style Fantastic Four. Movie was developed as dark science fiction horror movie. Doom was said to be hacker and Johnny Storm was black. This caused backlash from fans and this probably made studio second guess their original vision.

After seeing the movie I say they should have stayed with original vision. Even black Johnny Storm worked to make movie better. They should have used that dynamic more. Doom was pretty much like hacker even though he is never called a hacker. Movie turns worse when it tries to turn into Stan Lee-Jack Kirby like Fantastic Four during last 15 minutes. Original vision would have given us better movie. Maybe not the movie we wanted but good or great movie.

Biggest problems movie has come from second guessing of the studio. Studio lost faith and tried to limit their losses. This shows in bad CGI and editing that cuts away important scenes. And in ending which throws away everything that happened before. Forced ending leaves everything ready for Stan Lee-Jack Kirby style superhero movie. Sequel already have date set but Fox might reconsider it after this bombs in box office.

Somehow I doubt Fox will understand they should have followed original vision. If next movie gets made it is probably similar to Marvel Studio's movies like we don't have enough of those already and more are coming. This movie's original vision was refreshingly different and I want to see more of it and director's cut of this movie.

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