Monday, August 24, 2015

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

I liked first Hitman movie. It had many flaws but it worked. It looked and sounded good. I liked chemistry between two leads. I was disappointed when I learned next Hitman movie would be reboot. Hitman: Agent 47 has many flaws but it sounds and looks good. Does it work is different matter.

First movie had quite simple story which turned bit more complicated but it made sense. This time it is not sure what characters' goal are. It can be story telling technique but there is something wrong when you don't know at the end of the movie what your main character wanted. There were so many twists it was unclear what 47's original orders were.

It didn't help when he acted inconsistently. For example when he meets John Smith first time he don't try to kill him. They fight but 47 don't try to kill John. Before and after he doesn't have any problems to kill people. But in that fight he don't try to kill his opponent. He has not reason to do that. Only reason was movie didn't want to show John Smith is much harder to kill than 47. At this point movie shows 47 as bad guy and John Smith as good guy. That could have worked better if trailers didn't show John Smith was the bad guy.

This wasn't only time movie forgot what characters knew at the time. When John Smith and Katia meet first time after 47 took Katia from John, John just start to beat Katia conforming everyone he is the bad guy. At this point Katia wasn't sure should she trust John or 47. She could have been talked away from 47 and she would have been more co-operative but John just beats her.

John's problem might be his under skin metal armor. If they applied it to his manhood he has no way to release himself. It would make any man angry. Under skin metal armor is so unrealistic concept. He would not walk through any metal detector. He couldn't grow in any way after getting armor. No more gaining muscles or fat. Losing muscle or fat would be problematic too.

I haven't talked much about the story. It is hard to talk about the story without going straight to last fifteen minutes and spoiling everything. Movie is just twists and scenes one after an other. Katia is woman looking for her father. Revealing he is her father was a twist. John Smith works for organisation who want to make own agents like 47.  Katia's father is also father of Agent program. 47 is hitman who's target is not clear.

Hitman: Agent 47 has good action scenes. It looks and sounds great. Script is abysmal. 47's plans involves unbelievable coincidences like interrogators bringing his guns to interrogating room and loading his gun. 47 seems to be able to get anywhere without any problems. If you can get past nonsense like this action scenes are good.  Movie leave you questioning what just happened. Some good movies do it too but this is not one of them. This time your questions come because movie was so badly written.

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