Saturday, August 15, 2015

I will stop making videos for a while

I will make one for next Monday because I started it before. After that I don't know when the next will come. I am not giving up YouTube. I just change my YouTube focus to different things. First focus will be Finnish version of videos I have done to this site. I don't know when the first Finnish video will come.

I will continue with this blog. Mondays' posts will be written reviews from now on. I try to make videos for this site in future but I won't follow any schedule at first. I try to get back to regular schedule with this site's videos in future.

I do this because my YouTube channel have stuck in limbo and I have been told few times I should try Finnish videos. This blog gets much more hits than YouTube. People who come to this site doesn't seem to watch the videos. So I won't be force feeding videos on this site for some time.

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