Thursday, August 6, 2015

Slipstream (2005)

Slipstream is bad movie and mostly waste of time. I forced myself through it because it had one interesting idea which wasn't used to full potential. Movie starts bad. Continues even worse. Then there are couple things getting your hopes up but movie never delivers.

Interesting idea is time travelling device which lets you go back ten minutes. Scientist is using it to withdraw his money from bank several times. FBI is after him. Then movie turns into failed bank robbery movie. Bank robbers get time travelling device. Movie has interesting options but it goes on being failed bank robbery movie with little time travelling twist.

Movie doesn't understand time travelling. Editors don't understand it. Writers don't understand it. Director doesn't understand it. So characters don't understand it. There are many points where characters could have used time travelling but they don't use it. When they want to use it 10 minutes rule is in place or time machine is broken.

I missed the part when they broke the machine. It wasn't explained how it was broken because later it started to work. It started to work when they were in aeroplane because they were so high in the air. They tried longer travel that time. High in the air was important but they made long jump when aeroplane was crashing. It was slow motion scene and front of the plane was hitting the ground.

I guess high up in the air wasn't that important or touching person who was using the time machine. You had to touch the machine or person who touched the machine to remember the time jump. Last time all important persons remembered time jump even without touching. Time travel effect was going the film backwards fast. Last time they showed footage they had gotten back from earlier again like someone forgot to tell the editor how this time travel thing worked.

I wanted time travelling to be used cleverly but it never happened. Dialog was awkward at best. Characters weren't believable. They were stereotypes you have seen many times before. Then in next scene they might be different persons. Many times characters actions didn't make any sense. There were few glimpses of hope but movie didn't deliver.

I might be too negative because I expected science fiction and got bad bank robbery went wrong movie.

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