Monday, August 17, 2015

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

If video is not shown, you can watch it here. Video contains some spoilers.

Star Trek Into Darkness will be last weekly movie review video I will do for a while. I didn't make the video I have teased for a while. It will be written blog post. I think it is better this way since my blog posts gets much more hits than my videos. Even blog posts with videos get much more hits than videos on those blog posts. Ration is over 10:1 which is quite confusing. That is one reason why I stop making weekly videos. I won't stop making videos. I only stop making movie review videos.

Star Trek Into Darkness was movie I was curious about but didn't want to support in any way or form. I patiently waited until it was shown on television. That way it didn't get any money from my watching and I didn't break any laws.

I didn't expect much from Star Trek Into Darkness but it was even worse than I expected. Star Trek (2009) was ok movie if you forgot it was Star Trek. Star Trek Into Darkness forgot to be ok movie. It just references older Star Trek and think it is enough for audience. I don't even want to go into how badly rebooted Star Trek has abused Spock.

If you liked the video you can find more videos from here.

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