Monday, August 31, 2015


While watching early seasons of Supernatural I thought I should write about SuperWhoLock. SuperWhoLock is fandom consisting people who like Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock. I won't go into fandom or fan art or anything as such. This is about the shows and what makes them appeal to same people.

Supernatural is CW's tv show. Both Doctor Who and Sherlock are on BBC. This makes official crossover unrealistic. I would not be too surprised if there will be Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover but adding Supernatural from other company is much harder.

Supernatural tells about two brothers, Sam and Dean, who hunt supernatural things. I have not seen latest seasons but I assume this is still the case. Doctor Who is about time travelling alien and his companions. Sherlock is re-imagination of Sherlock Holmes in modern world. When planning this post I realized Sherlock is Doctor Who without science fiction elements. Weird smart man solving mysteries with his normal human companion. Steven Moffat is behind both shows and it could explain similarities.

In Supernatural almost everything has supernatural origin. There are few episodes where there is nothing supernatural but I have not seen episode with aliens. In Doctor Who it is almost always about aliens. During Matt Smith era show went more into fantasy territory but I can only remember one time when character was more like supernatural being than alien and it was during David Tennant's era. Solution to Sherlock's mysteries is always man and there are no aliens or anything supernatural. This makes crossover difficult from story's point of view.

So what makes these shows appeal to same people. Based on some fan art it is hot male leads. But I am not getting into that. Each show is about being smarter than your opponent. Supernatural is most violent of the three but Sam and Dean are against stronger opponents so they have to be smarter and find a way to survive. Doctor Who and Sherlock are about solving mysteries without violence.

Supernatural is horror show. Doctor Who has many horror episodes. Sherlock has episodes which start as horror but there is natural reason behind. Horror is connecting Supernatural and Doctor Who more than Sherlock but Sherlock has that element too.

I have no idea how to crossover all three but I know how to crossover each show with other shows. Sherlock and Doctor Who is easiest. It has to be Doctor Who story where he meets Sherlock Holmes. It could be historic Sherlock Holmes like in Sherlock Christmas special. Don't be surprised if familiar time traveler appears there. Sherlock and Supernatural crossover could be like Sherlock horror episodes where everything is caused by chemical or something like that.

This next I actually want to see. Sam and Dean are hunting mythological being which is actually alien. Doctor is also after same alien. It could be alien who comes to earth every now and then. I want to see this because I want to see Peter Capaldi's Doctor and Dean disapproving each others and other's methods. Clara and Sam could try to talk some sense into them. Episode could end Sam and Dean thinking it was supernatural and Doctor knowing it was alien.

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