Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Fantastic Four (1994)

This is first time I review movie that was never released. Some say it was never intended to be released and others say it was bought for never to be released. If I have to pick one I would say it was never meant to be released. When Marvel sold movie rights to their characters deal had clause that rights would return to Marvel if characters aren't used for certain time.

This is the reason why we are getting new Fantastic Four movie every ten years. The Fantastic Four was made because contract obligations. This time they didn't use lot of money. They have put more money into later contractual movies. It feels like they just pick someones to make movie every time they have to make a Fantastic Four movie and hope it works.

The Fantastic Four was never released but bootleg versions can be easily found. Every other person seems to have seen it after Fantastic Four (2015) was released. I had to see it when I found it.

One reason why I think this was never meant to be released was because some of the cast and effect makers seem to be in joke. Guy who plays Doctor Doom seems to have too much fun in his role. He makes Doom over the top comic book villain and script helps him in it. It is weird that this almost parody of Doom is most faithful live action version of Doom.

Almost parody describes this movie very well. Script could have worked as parody movie but actors excluding Doom are taking this seriously. Director is probably in joke. There are scenes which would not be in movie if director was serious.

Movie is quite faithful to source material. Only problem was they didn't have money for special effects. This means special effects are cut to minimum. Doom uses pistol and epic battle between Doom and Fantastic Four is fist fight between Doom and Mister Fantastic. When Fantastic Four walks into Doom's trap Doom says how boringly easy he caught them. Movie knew what it was.

Never released Fantastic Four movie is probably the most entertaining Fantastic Four movie. It had professionals having fun making funny competent low budget movie. Before Fantastic Four (2015) this was considered as worst Fantastic Four movie. After it this is considered as best. Fox is partly to blame because they took electronic versions of 2005 and 2007 movies away from everywhere. I guess they thought no-one wanted to pay to see more Fantastic Four after seeing the latest movie.

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