Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thoughts of Deadpool Trailer


I was about to say Fox is getting their superhero act together. Last two X-Men movies have been good and everything related to upcoming Deadpool movie has looked good. Then I remembered new Fantastic Four is Fox's movie. I have not seen it yet but everything I have seen so far has been wrong.

Looks like we are getting origin story movie. I thought one of Wolverine movies told origin of Deadpool but I guess it has changed because X-Men movies got reboot two movies ago. I haven't seen the Wolverine movie so I can't comment how much Deadpool needed reboot.

Fox seems to be building X-Men universe. Deadpool movie has X-Men's Colossus. Do we see Deadpool in X-Men movies? X-Men universe has enough characters to make Marvel Cinematic Universe like movie universe. Fox also has Fantastic Four to add to the movie universe.

I liked Green Lantern reference but I hope it is dropped from movie. It works better in trailer. Green Lantern movie wasn't as bad as everyone say. I wanted to see sequel but it is not to be and Ryan Reynolds is probably not playing Green Lantern any more.

Deadpool movie seem to be in good hands. At this point Deadpool and Suicide Squad look most interesting superhero movies of next year.

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