Thursday, September 17, 2015

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 is animated movie for kids but it is better superhero movie than most superhero movies. While watching it I thought this is what Fantastic Four should have been. Story follows fourteen year old boy. Everything related to fourteen year old boy cut away and replaced by Fantastic Four and you have good Fantastic Four movie. This even has Stan Lee cameo.

Big Hero 6 is inspired by Marvel comic of same name. As far as I know this is quite different than the comic. I have not read the comic but I know characters from other comics. Comic is even more obscure than Guardian of the Galaxy before the movie.

Hiro is fourteen year old tech genius who participates in robot fights until his older brother Tadashi takes him to nerd school for a tour. Hiro likes the school and he applies to school with his nano robots. Nano robots steal the show but later nerd school is burned down killing Tadashi.

Hiro is left with his aunt and Tadashi's medical robot Baymax. Soon Hiro finds out his nano robots weren't destroyed in fire. This starts adventure which creates new superhero group Big Hero 6 and teaches Hiro some facts of life.

Movie has many cliches like at first group doesn't work but they learn to work together when time comes. Now that I think about it this follows quite common template but it doesn't feel forced at any time. Big reason is Baymax who is quite unique character. Baymax only wants to heal people. It becomes superhero only to make Hiro feel better.

Movie makes nerdy science kids superheroes. Inventing new stuff is cool. I was bit disappointed when movie turned into superhero movie. Characters we more interesting before they became superheroes. Pace also changes and there were less quiet moments which were best thing in this movie.

I am curious to know where idea to make this kind of version of Big Hero 6 came from. Disney owns Marvel so they could use name this way. Sony owns X-Men and some how term mutant superheros. Some of comic Big Hero 6 characters are from X-Men comics. Probably Disney or Marvel Studios can't use them in movies. This wasn't move against Sony because this is genuinely good movie. Idea had to come from somewhere.

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