Monday, October 5, 2015

2010 (1984)

2010 is sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is movie's biggest problem. 2001 was weird masterpiece. 2010 is much more like normal movie. It is hard science fiction movie with little weirdness of 2001. Movie is based on Arthur C Clarke's novel. Story is interesting but it lacks genius of Stanley Kubrick. I like 2010 but I have problem with it being sequel to 2001.

Movie feels bit weird watching it 2015. When it was made Soviet Union was still strong and looked like it will still be there 2010. That didn't happen. Movie tells collaborative space flight of Soviet Union and USA. If you replace Soviet Union with Russia that has happened. When movie was made space flight like that didn't look realistic.

World is brink of nuclear war which reflects to the space flight. Space flight is collaborative mission to 2001's space ship. Soviet Union can make it in time but they don't know enough of 2001's space ship. USA knows but they can't make it in time. This forces both sides to work together. Crew can work together but situation in Earth makes thing problematic.

2010 is hard science fiction movie. It stays realistic through out the movie if you don't count monoliths and what they do. Movie explains many mysteries of 2001. Some may find this taking away the greatness of 2001. Explaining suits tone of this movie.

2010 is good example of hard science fiction movie. You don't need close calls if you have interesting story and good characters. Movie has good message even today. It is kind of shame it is 2001 sequel and not standalone movie. It is too good to be just a sequel to masterpiece like 2001.

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