Monday, October 19, 2015

Lucy (2014)

I wouldn't have believed best thing in Luc Besson movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman is length. With Lucy this is the case. Movie is based on myth you use only 10 % of your brains. Luc Besson may have seen Lawnmower Man (1992) and inspired to make this afterwards. How ever he didn't inspired to make complete movie. This feels more like work in progress than final product.

When I watch science fiction movie I expect some level of realism. Movie can have unrealistic things in it. But country where killing is not illegal or big thing is not what I expect to see if it is not a theme of the movie in any way. Movie starts in Asian country where gangsters kill people like it is not a big thing.

One character is killed at the front door of expensive hotel. More people are killed inside hotel room. Hotel room looks like site of massacre. When Lucy escapes the gangsters she kills taxi driver out in open just for reason he doesn't speak English. Then she goes to hospital when she kills patient and ask doctors to operate on her.

Lucy is blackmailed to become drug smuggler. Drug package get broken inside her. This gives her more use of her brains and she gains supernatural powers. Lucy's development follows Lawnmower Man's development quite close. Lucy feels like Lawnmower Man with different premise and modern effects.

Lucy don't stay consistent. Movie throws us different things all the time. Lucy should be extra smart but she left gangsters alive so they can be there at the end of the movie. She had no problem killing a taxi driver but she don't kill gangsters who wants to kill her.

I have not gone into Lucy's superpowers because they make no sense. Why using more of your brain gives you telekinesis and let you see radio waves? Why getting 100% use of your brain lets you leave your body and live in internet? Almost same happened in Lawnmower Man.

This movie is only 90 minutes long. It is such a mess shorter length is really good thing. Anything can happen because nothing makes sense. There are no stakes because anything can happen. Movie tries to be cool. It doesn't work at all if you didn't think it is cool. It is hard to see it as cool when everything made so little sense.

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