Thursday, October 29, 2015

Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)

I watched Robinson Crusoe on Mars because someone told it is 60's version of The Martian (2015). First half could be seen as such. I don't know what was scientific understanding of Mars at the time. If you study history of science you will learn science has got it wrong many times. First half could follow scientific understanding of the time but I doubt it because last half certainly doesn't.

First half is about astronaut surviving on Mars with monkey after crash landing. He has limited supply of air and water. When he is running out of them he finds new sources of both.First minutes feel scientifically accurate but accuracy goes down each moment. Soon he is walking on Mars without spacesuit and takes oxygen only every now and then.

At halfway point astronaut finds his Friday who is slave of advanced race. This point also introduces flying saucers and bombardments. Flying saucers bombard Mars when they search for Friday who escaped them. Movie turns into astronaut and Friday running from flying saucers. Then astronaut is saved. It comes out of the blue. Spaceship just lands and movie ends.

This left dozens of question open. Why flying saucers didn't attack space ship? Flying saucers had advanced weaponry and space ship had nothing. Flying Saucers were much more advanced than anything on Earth. Why they stayed on Mars and not attacked Earth? Why the astronaut was only earthling to see them? There were other astronauts orbiting Mars.What happens to Friday? Does he go to Earth or stay on Mars?

I don't need my science fiction movies to explain everything but I like to have explanations on big issues. Flying saucers were shown as threat but as soon as spaceship lands they are gone. There were few other too convenient things too but this was biggest problem. I would have liked this more without Friday and flying saucers. Just like The Martian.

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