Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Core (2004)

The Core is one of those science fiction disaster movies which get science terrible wrong. This time disaster is earth's core stopping. While movie gets some scientific concepts right most is terrible wrong. Lately Hollywood has started to listen real scientists but this was done before that.

The Core is quite generic and forgettable. There are no characters you will remember after the movie is over. Narcissistic scientist is only one with any personality and even he is one dimensional and his character arc is predictable. Predictability is big problem  Hilary Swank's character does couple unpredictable things but that is about it.  Those unpredictable things almost make her character interesting but nothing comes out of that.

I always wonder why science fiction disaster movies want to look hard science fiction movies. Why not have science right if you want to look scientific and realistic? Even if you don't catch scientific mistakes too many close calls eat realism. The Core start to feel like slasher when characters start to die one by one. They either sacrifice themselves to help others or die when crew gets into problems.

I understand they are doing something dangerous but it is so consistent it don't feel realistic. When they have any problems you can be almost sure someone dies. It would have been a twist is everyone survived at least one problematic situation. I am not counting ending because two characters we have followed through out the movie can't die. The Core won't take changes like that.

If you really have to watch science fiction disaster movie you can make worse choice than The Core. If you don't think too much it is well made movie and there are not major flaws. Science is off the mark but otherwise there are no major flaws.

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