Monday, October 12, 2015

The Martian (2015)

The Martian is a movie have been waiting for long time. Big budget hard science fiction movie which stays scientifically accurate through out the movie.  Interstellar (2014) was sold us as such but ending was anything but scientifically accurate. Trailer made the movie look more like action movie. I think it almost has more action than the movie itself.

Posters told this movie was from director of Alien and Blade Runner. That was good sign because both movies are high on my favorite movies list. Blade Runner being first on the list. Ridley Scott has made big movies since but nothing has surpassed those two. This won't do that either but on my list this his best movie since Blade Runner.

Story itself is quite simple. Mars mission has to be evacuated due storm but one man is left behind. He has to survive on Mars until he can be saved from the planet. Problem is he doesn't have enough supplies. This is premise for movie where most scientifically inaccurate thing is the storm at the beginning and how hard it is to make water on Mars.  Making water on Mars is easier than movie lets us believe.

Movie don't have romance or villain. Closest thing to villain is planet Mars which just is hostile to any life. Movie is based on web novel which was published in little parts and corrected if there were any scientifically inaccurate things. Water and storm were only thing left to novel and out of those water was left because no one knew better at the time. Storm was left because story needed the reason the astronaut to be left on Mars.

Premise and film length may make this sound like boring movie. I felt like it too before the movie but everything worked better than I expected. I hope this does well in box office and we see more movies like this.

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