Monday, November 9, 2015

Battle Beyong the Sun (1959)

Battle Beyond the Sun is American re-edit of Soviet movie Nebo Zovyot. Battle Beyond the Sun is thirteen minutes shorter but it has monsters. Monsters were only issue in otherwise good hard science fiction movie. They felt like from another movie. After watching the movie I learned it was edited from Soviet movie. Which explained why it felt different and why Americans were shown in bad light.

Battle Beyond the Sun happens in near future of 1997 after world has been divided into two fractions, North Hemis and South Hemis. South Hemis take things seriously while North Hemis is reckless and dangers themselves to show the South Hemis. North Hemis felt like evil Americans even before I knew this was originally Soviet movie.

South Hemis is about to send mission to Mars when North Hemis ship lands to their space station. On dinner they South Hemis scientists tell about the mission. North Hemis has also planned similar mission but they are not ready yet. They are willing to try to make it to Mars to beat the South Hemis. South Hemis ship could get to Mars but they save North Hemis ship. South Hemis ship has to land on asteroid without enough fuel to get back to earth.

Like other science fiction movies from behind the Iron Curtain Battle Beyond the Sun is refreshing view from different kind of society. These movies are more thoughtful and collaboration is more important. Original movie had someone dying because he flew unprotected ship. In this version he was killed by monsters. At least that is what Wikipedia says. I have not seen the original movie.

Like I said in beginning of this review monsters were only issue I had with this movie and they were added later. I would like to see the original which is longer and don't have monsters.

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