Thursday, November 5, 2015

Spectre (2015) more spoilers and ranting

First review got quite long and I had to drop some things out. I kept spoilers mild. This time I have big spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

I didn't mention Batista in first review. He was completely wasted in this movie. I could not understand his character. He was there when movie needed something intimidating. I don't remember him saying anything. He was some kind of anti-bond. First time we see him in Spectre meeting when he kills someone in front of everyone. He chases Bond when Bond escapes the meeting.

Next time we see him when he kidnaps movie's female lead. Third and last time is when he attacks Bond in train. Bond and female lead are on they way to Blofeld's place. Blofeld is waiting them. It made no sense for Blofeld to send Batista to kill Bond. Movie probably needed action scene at that point.

So Blofeld's father adopted Bond and Bond and Blofeld were brothers until Blofeld killed his father because of this. That is even more stupid than what Austin Powers and Dr. Evil had. I don't remember this from previous movies or books. It wasn't enough villain was master mind of global crime syndicate. He had to be hero's brother too and responsible of death of all women in Bond's life. I thought M's death was ex-agent's revenge but no, it was because of Blofeld. Everything evil is because of Blofeld.

I think Bond found his right one. Madeleine Swann couldn't have sex before killing someone minutes before like Bond did. They are clearly meant for each others. If they continue like this they will be villains of next movie when other agents hunt serial killer couple.

I don't know if this was theater's or movie's fault but movie looked like someone skipped at least one step in color grading process. Everything looked light low contrast brown. Just like they forgot to put colors and contrast back to movie.

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