Monday, November 2, 2015

Spectre (2015)

Last time I saw Bond movie in theater he was played by Timothy Dalton. I wasn't sure if I should check this in theater or not. I decided to do it because of this blog an my Finnish video reviews. Trailer didn't feel interesting but early reviews told this was good. I have to spoil movie little bit to explain why it is so bad. I leave major spoilers out of this review. There will be post with major spoilers next Thursday.

Bond is sick and twisted serial killer. Bond can't have sex unless he has killed someone few minutes before and I am not sure if that is enough. Bond has sex twice. Both times he had killed someone few minutes before. He killed first woman's husband earlier. He gave gun to second woman's father and watched him kill himself.

Third woman wanted Bond but he had to go for quick kill before they could have sex. When things got complicated they didn't have sex. I am not kidding. All this happened. Our hero is serial killer who can't have sex if he has not killed anyone only moments before. Good role model for kids and that is not all.

Bond don't care if he lives or dies. In first action scene he fights against helicopter pilot in helicopter. Helicopter almost crashes few times but Bond doesn't care. He just tries to kill the pilot not caring if helicopter crashes or not. Pilot cares little bit. There are no stakes if your hero doesn't show he could die. We have seen good action scenes in moving vehicles where guys fight and steer vehicle when it is about to crash. Fighting continues when it is safer to fight. There is nothing like that in this scene.

Spectre tries to be realistic. It doesn't work when nothing hurts your hero. There is even a scene which explains how Bond is hurt but few seconds later he doesn't look or act like he is hurt. Older Bond movies didn't try to be realistic. That made them fun.

Spectre makes effort to be least fun it can possible be. Fast & Furious 7 (2015) and Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) are much better Bond movies because they are fun. Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014) told same story much better. I even waited for someone to say "Hail Hydra" because this was so close to Winter Soldier, only much worse.

Blofeld was given history with Bond and revealed to be behind everything bad in Bond's life because why not. Having your villain to be master mind behind global criminal organization is not enough. He has to be connected with your hero. I didn't believe where they went with this because it was so stupid and went even more stupid as more was revealed- Another twist is so obvious you can see it as soon as you see the character. You just wait for twist to come.

Spectre is probably Daniel Craig's last Bond movie. He had some harsh word to say about the franchise during promo tour. Craig's era started strong with Casino Royale and was down hill from that point on. Second movie didn't feel like complete movie. It felt more like first part of two part movie. Skyfall (2012) and Spectre feel like Bond movies by people who hate Bond movies. Both suffer from the fact they are Bond movies.

Spectre is fitting ending for Craig's era. It concludes everything and sends Bond away. If this continues next movie won't have agents stuff. It is time for a change and new guy.

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