Monday, November 16, 2015

The Thaw aka Arctic Outbreak (2009)

The Thaw is science fiction horror movie with environmental message. Somehow it makes people who care about environment and climate change look bad. Melting ice releases ancient deadly parasite. Scientific expedition contacts parasite just before few students join them. Instead of putting themselves into quarantine they let students to come to the base camp.

No one is at base camp when they land. No one but carcass of dead polar bear and parasites. This is where movie starts to go wrong way. Instead of keeping us guessing who is infected and who is not movie clearly shows us who is infected. For some reason infection works differently for each person depending on what story requires at that point.

I am not kidding. For every single person has different symptoms and rate of spread. There was two symptoms which two characters had but everything else was different for these two too. There was change to make movie about paranoia this situation causes but only paranoid character was one of the infected.

Script is movie's biggest problem. There is "big twist" but you saw that coming if you paid attention to the movie. It is a shame they didn't put more effort into script because everything else works. Cinematography, effects and acting feel almost too good for straight to dvd movie. Not great but suitable for better movie. What problems characters have are from script not from actors.

I liked idea of horror movie where the threat is realistic and message which may change people act better. However that is not enough. The Thaw wastes potential by doing poor choices. It is not a bad movie. Just average.

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