Monday, November 30, 2015

This Island Earth (1955)

Hollywood seems to be remaking everything these days. Everything else than movies actually deserving remake. Studios choose movies which were masterpieces or at least great first time when they should choose ones which didn't live up to their potential first time. This Island Earth is one of those movies.

I have seen it twice now. I didn't remember almost anything from the first time because ending was so rushed. This Island Earth has two parts. First one happens on Earth and second on space and alien planet. Earth part works but as soon as movie leaves Earth everything feels rushed and events happen conveniently fast and correct order. Alien planet part feels like they run from one scene to another without stopping once.

Alien world felt interesting but it nor the politics which lead the current situation were explained. There was something interesting there which could be studied in remake. In this movie everything came so quickly and characters didn't have time to be anything but one dimensional caricatures.

It was nice to see macho scientist hero. In modern movies scientist are weird, nerds or both. In This Island Earth scientist flies on his own jet and looks and acts like manly man. I think we need similar role models for scientists nowadays too.

This Island Earth looks good for the 1950's science fiction. You can see matte paintings but they look good for their purpose. Story is interesting only problem is rushing at the end. One reason could be last half had most of special effects and director didn't want to spend too much time on alien planet.

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